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Build a profitable business that does not depend on you to operate
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Remote Team Managers

Remote Team Managers

Heads of Department

Heads of Department

Project Managers

Project Managers

Business Owners and CEOs

Business Owners and CEOs



Top Managers

Top Managers

Business owners and CEOs: enhance your leadership excellence, unlock your full potential and get organizational success.
Entrepreneurs: we empower entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurs are vital for innovation and business growth.
Top managers: refine your skills, boost your leadership and drive your organization to new heights.
Remote Team Managers: motivate and lead your team effectively. Promote collaboration, productivity and achieve success in the virtual workspace.
Heads of Department: be empowered to optimize the performance of your department. Improve and emphasize your leadership capabilities, highlight the essencial roles in the company.
Project managers: We give support and guidance to project planning, team coordination and leadership. Achieve successful project execution and development in your career.
Managers who are looking for magic pills that solve any problem, help overcome any obstacle and reach any goal. Mastery only comes from deep understanding and methodical practice
marketing coach


mindset coach
Managers who blame their employees for every problem their business experiences and are not willing to take full responsibility for everything that happens “in their house”
Managers who know everything and believe they might be the reincarnation of Henry Ford himself. Jokes aside, experience does not equal nor is a substitute of Professionalism
agency coaching
business coaching
You understand the importance of professional management and want to work on your Mastery
You want to keep growing your business without sacrificing personal and family time
You carry your business over your shoulders and work 24/7 out of necessity, not choice
You get burned out and tired of putting out fires that happen when you are not controlling everything
You spend a lot of time solving problems that your employees could solve on their own
Your companies' productivity drops when you are not taking care of the business
Employees are not interested in the companies' growth, and only you care about it’s development
You are tired of hearing from your team classics like “I forgot”, “I didn’t notice”, “I didn’t have time” or “I don’t know”
Work does not get done, gets done too late or below acceptable standards too often
You find yourself running into the same problems again and again despite all your efforts
You think that more people equal more hassle and problems. Jeff Bezos would disagree
You feel that if you were to scale your business x4, your stress would also multiply x4



Get rid of the tasks that don’t belong to your role in the company
Get rid of the tasks that don’t belong to your role in the company. Maximize your productivity and concentrate on strategic priorities.

Gain more time and energy to focus on highest impact tasks
Gain more time and energy to focus on highest impact tasks. Get extra time and energy and concentrate on high-impact tasks that push your business forward.
Get satisfaction from running your business through your team's effort
Get satisfaction from running your business through your team's effort. Be fulfilled through your business and the effort of your high-performing team.
Drastically reduce your team's dependency on your assistance
Drastically reduce your team's dependency on your assistance. Empower your employees to make decisions independently and decrease your team’s reliance on your direct involvement and guidance.

Turn chaos into order and control your business with less effort
Turn chaos into order and control your business with less effort. Establish order in your business effortlessly and improve the work environment.
Turn your team members into high level producers
Turn your team members into high level producers. Elevate their skills and performance and get high-level producers.


Constant development of their qualifications and competencies
Constant development of their qualifications and competencies. They will ensure they remain at their professional forefront with continuous development of qualifications and competences.
Increase in their motivation and fulfillment on the workplace
Increase in their motivation and fulfillment on the workplace. Boost the motivation and dedication of the workers with improved productivity.

Increase in their sense of responsibility and ownership
Increase in their sense of responsibility and ownership.
Cultivate a culture of accountability with independent decisions.

Upward development of their market value as professionals
Upward development of their market value as professionals. Foster their upward development and make their value as professionals grow.
More gratification due to more meaningful and challenging tasks
More gratification due to more meaningful and challenging tasks. You and your team will be more satisfied with more difficult tasks made possible with management coaching and leadership guidance.

More clarity, less stress and better understanding of their job
More clarity, less stress and better understanding of their job. Benefits from improved job comprehension, communication and a more harmonious work environment.


Consolidate its competitive advantage by being able to dedicate it more focus
Consolidate its competitive advantage by being able to dedicate it more focus. With focused attention, resources and strategic effort you will get the strength and the position in its market, achieving sustainable growth.
Improved stability and reliance on the whole system instead of specific team members
Improved stability and reliance on the whole system instead of specific team members. Promote a resilient and cohesive workforce for the success of the organization.

Boost productivity with higher effectiveness of business organization processes
Boost productivity with higher effectiveness of business organization processes. Get productivity gains by ensuring enhanced and efficient workflows and improve the operational performance in general.
More autonomy due to strategic distribution of responsibilities within the team
More autonomy due to strategic distribution of responsibilities within the team. Promote a sense of ownership with independent decisions made by the workers.

Decrease in staff turnover and in the costs that a high turnover causes. It will result in a more stable workspace with important savings in the organization.
Bigger growth capabilities due to a systematic search & removal of bottlenecks
Bigger growth capabilities due to a systematic search & removal of bottlenecks. Eliminate obstacles and optimize processes, foster a culture of continuous growth within your organization.


training format
We’ll hold a free 30-minute discovery call to understand your challenges and goals
We’ll design a personalized coaching plan based on your highest priorities
The trainings will be conducted weekly on one-on-one online videoconference sessions
Each session will have 60-minute duration that will finish with an implementation plan
Once the challenge is resolved, we will continue advancing to the next step of our training
If you faced challenges during implementation, we will dive into them and solve them
Each consequent session will start by reviewing the implementation of the action plan
training content-4
training content-1
Step by step Implementation of delegation workflows to stop doing the work for which you should hire new employees or for which you’ve actually hired the ones you have.

Methods to increase your employee's responsibility and to turn this and other must have qualities into inseparable parts of your company culture.

Mastering different communication levels that you can use to delegate tasks according to your employees' level of awareness and understanding of the job.

Avoiding becoming an operational bottleneck by balancing the power you give your employees to make their own decisions while avoiding fires you’d have to deal with.

Understanding & overcoming your employees' resistance to the delegation process and preventing them from giving you back the work you delegated them.

Setup & follow up. How and why to prepare for an effective delegation and to stop employees from getting back to you with questions and problems they could solve on their own.


training content-3


To control or not to control? How much? When? What for? On what it depends? Why it even deserves its own chapter? Expectations. Approaches. Challenges.

Control vs Trust. Goals, differences, application points, using a rational decision-making system according to the tasks parameters and employee characteristics.

Classic control mistakes, no-no’s and musts. How to control without creating resistance in our employees or diminishing the authority of our mid-management.

Styles of control, how to control less, preventive control. Techniques for improving the execution quality of assigned tasks after their delegation.

Balancing control - the line between being control freak and reckless. On which phases to control and on which not. How spend less time on control without detriment to the job.


Understand to the core how and why you think, make decisions, act and react in the way you do. Most importantly, see and understand the direct effect all this has on your business and the relationship with the people working in it.

Identify where do your worries, challenges, dilemmas, stress, hurry and exhaustion come from. Spoiler, it’s usually from places people don’t even imagine, which is usually a big discovery on the mindset oriented sessions.

Likewise, know why you may have difficulty thinking, making decisions and taking actions in ways you’d like to, but you don’t, or not enough. Working on your mindset will have a profound impact on your business and lifestyle, as these are a projection of your thinking system and world view.

The reason so many “solutions” fail is because they don’t deal with problems at all, they don’t deal with the right problems, or they don’t deal with the real ones, but just with its superficial symptoms. Here we won’t be solving problems with band-aids: we will be working on them from the roots.


training content-2
training content-5
training content-6


Why having rational systems, clear rules, logical workflows, settled agreements, defined roles and so on is not enough to run an organization effectively? For the same reason fouls are still made in every sport: the game is played by emotional beings. Humans.

As humans, our ultimate goal is to maximize our happiness, not our income. An income is just a means to help us get more positive emotions and feelings. While logic is absolute and universal, what makes humans happy varies from person to person and from time to time.

If we employed robots instead of people, knowing organizational mechanics would be enough, but it’s not the case. There are no instruction manuals to work with humans. We need to master the management of authority, behavior and relationships in a mix of cultures, personalities, habits, characters and interests.

I will help you improve your Personal Managerial Effectiveness by using principles as old as humanity itself. Of course, there are systems to manage emotional beings too. Just look at the bible and the influence God and Jesus have on human behavior more than 2000 years later. That's a Godlike management system for you.


Dealing with conflicts of interest is the bread and butter of any Manager. More people, more conflicts. You want a person to produce at the highest level, the person wants to stay in his comfort zone. Voilà, conflict of interest. Your friend is also your business partner? Two-for-one
potential conflict.

Conflicts of interest can get emotional and messy, which makes them one of the most uncomfortable and draining parts of the business and one of the top reasons the company may not be growing further. “More people, more problems. Need no problems, no want more people”.

Of course, we are not in the business for easy, but for a better life. The bigger problems and challenges we can solve, the more we’ll get paid. So, the solution is not avoiding problems, but getting better at preventing & solving them, and then going after bigger problems.

Conflict Management is a skill that can be developed, and as with any skill, things get easier with repetition until you decide it’s the moment to level up your game & challenges. Most conflicts are common in any business environment, and so there is a systematic approach to solving them.


A strategic planning & prioritizing system is an absolutely crucial step towards giving shape to the way we envision our life. Yes, life. We only have 24 hours in a day that we can dedicate to our business, family, growth and hobbies, and not enough lifetimes to do all the things that we’d like to.

As managers, we organize and put together not only our work, but also the work of the people working for us. Most of the world's workers do not plan on their workplace nor decide their schedules and tasks, because those are being designed for them by the people with whom they agreed to work.

The goal of planning is not to end up shoving more and more things and to does in the limited time we have. Its goal is to liberate our time, so we can dedicate it to the things that really matter and will have the biggest positive impact on us, our business and our family.

Stop being a slave to your planning system and make it serve you instead. Stop doing other peoples “to does”, and start working on yours. Take control of your life and be ready for everything, like a true professional. Planning only for the good scenarios is for amateurs.


Absolute clarity on the origin of problems, prevention & solution methods
Effective & quick to assimilate and use management techniques
Technologies to increase your team's responsibility & productivity
Principles for freeing up your time for more important tasks
Procedures for giving back to employees the work you do in their place
Opportunities for systematic development of your employees' skills
Methods for preventing and neutralizing the return of delegated tasks
Mechanisms to ensure high productivity from your employees


Alex Tsomaia
I help Leaders gain greater Clarity and Focus in running their businesses
"I help Leaders gain greater Clarity and Focus in running their businesses."

Executive Coach

Identified and solved more than +5000 business growth bottlenecks.
Helped increase the freedom of +100 business owners & top managers.
More than 10 years mastering organizational and cultural dynamics.

Prevented countless "people problems".


Cristina Pereira
Cristina Pereira
Co-Founder of Roll Out Studios.
"The Executive Coaching with Alex is a transformative experience in which you discover where the difficulties you experience in your business really come from. They are totally atypical sessions that do not stay on the surface but go into depths that you are not aware of until you find the real problems. Understanding and solving them is incredible."
Sandra Ferrer
Sandra Ferrer
Co-Founder of Programa Mia.
"In the session, Alex was asking me specific questions to find out what was behind my resistance to delegate. At the beginning I answered things like "because I'm afraid of losing the identity of the brand", "because I don't know if I'll find the right person" and a long blah blah blah, but the answer that came to surface from the depths of the earth after an hour of questions, exploded in my face as I understood the real issue."
Marti Gamarra
Marti Gamarra
Co-Founder of Grow without Limits.
"Alex brings us a lot of clarity at the business level and helps us reach liberating conclusions to make sure we are on the right track. We do both individual and group sessions with him with my partner, and we are thrilled. He has a great ability to connect with you and make you think about all the implications of the way you run your business."
Mindset and management mastery
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